Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - CSX 4000

Though not the first Cobra body style built, the 427 S/C is possibly the look most associated with the legendary line of cars. Following their historic crowning of the FIA World Manufacturing Championship in 1965, Shelby American began work on upgrading their signature roadster design. In 1966 they debuted the 427 S/C, their most powerful roadster at the time, for street and competition use (S/C). They developed independent suspension, fortified the frame to handle the increased torque, and made adjustments to the body to distinguish itself from the other models. In 1997 they resumed production of the Cobra 427 S/C calling them the CSX 4000 series.

Though the original 427 S/C’s were big block cars, the CSX-6000 series rolling chassis can be built with a big or small block engine. Using the CSX 4000 and CSX 6000 serial numbers, the rolling chassis are available with either an aluminum or fiberglass body.


Standard component includes:

  • Shelby Frame 4" DOM Frame
  • Polished Steel Driver's Side Rollbar
  • Shelby Coil Over Suspension
  • Rack & Pinion Steering
  • Shelby S/C Type Gauges
  • Leather Seats and Dash
  • Carpeted Interior (excludes trunk)
  • Fresh Air Ventilation System - Driver/Passenger Footbox
  • 15" Wood Steering Wheel w/Shelby Horn Button
  • Shelby Racing Brakes (Wilwood Brakes)
  • Shelby Standard Differential 3.54:1 - Independent Rear Suspension
  • Radiator w/Radiator Tubes
  • Oil Cooler Assembly
  • 28 Gallon Fuel Tank - Fuel Level Gauge Built into Speedo
  • Steel Sidepipes and Headers - for FE Engine Configuration
  • Original Style Aluminum Pin Drive 15" Wheels
  • Shelby Aluminum Winged Knock-Offs (Four Wheel Set)
  • Billboard Style Tires - 15" (Name Brand Depends On Availability)
  • Seat Belts, Shifter Bezel and Boot
  • Windshield Wiper System
  • Halon Fire Suppresion System
  • Aluminum Quick Jacks

Build your Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - CSX 4000


Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - Aluminum Component Roller   $ 163250

Color Options



Arctic White  

Bright Silver  

Brooklands Green  

Guardsman Blue  

LeMans Blue  

Navy Blue  

Rosso Formula 1 Red  

Titanium Metallic  

Viking Blue  

Wimbledon White  

Body Finish & Paint Options

  Painted LeMans Stripes - Front to Rear $1,725.00

  Painted Transverse Nose Stripe $1,725.00

  Painted Roundels (Meatballs) - Up to 4 total ($600.00 ea) $600.00


Exterior Options & Accessories

 Tonneau Cover  $ 1,245.00

 Bumper Kit Front & Rear - Chrome  $ 1,440.00

 Custom Car Cover  $ 400.00

 Tonneau Cover  $ 1,200.00

 Quick Jacks - Chrome  $ 745.00

 Roll Bar Passenger - Stainless Steel Upgrade  $ 3,100.00

 Roll Bar Driver - Stainless Steel Upgrade  $ 770.00

Engine Compartment & Drivetrain Options

  Side Pipes and Headers (FE Engine Configuration) - Polished Stainless Steel $5,430.00

  Under Car Exhaust - Steel (Raw) $2,720.00

  42 Gallon Racing Fuel Cell $3,895.00

  Non-Standard Differential Ratio - 3.31:1 $490.00

  Non-Standard Differential Ratio - 3.73:1 $490.00

  Right Hand Drive Option $2,325.00

  Differential Oil Cooler System $3,100.00

Suspension & Wheel Options

  Tires - Blue Streak Tires (subject to availability) $2,225.00

  Girling Reproduction Calipers, Billet - Only available with tubular suspension upgrade $7,755.00

  Shocks (set of 4) - Penske w/Hyperco Springs (adjustable)  $4,650.00

Interior Options & Accessories

  Adjustable Seat Tracks - Billet Aluminum $1,080.00

  Door Map Pockets - Leather $735.00

  Floor Mats with Cobra Logo $400.00

  Glove Box - Leather $975.00

  Grab Handle $545.00

  Heater/Defroster $2,135.00

  Steering Wheel - Detachable $1,700.00

Total Price: $ 

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